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Welcome to Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country with India in the southern, eastern, western sides and China in northern sides. Nepal has a great variation in languages (70 spoken), religions, ethnic groups (more than 61), geographic structures, occupation, culture and traditions. The country has many ever flowing rivers, thick tropical jungles, greatest mountain ranges and different climatic conditions. Owing ...

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Paragliding is relatively new adventure sport in Nepal, and can be truly wonderful and fulfilling experience for adventure seekers. We experience unparalleled scenic grandeur sharing airspace with Himalayan griffin vultures, eagles, and kites, while floating over villages, monasteries, temples, lakes and jungles, with a fantastic view of majestic Himalayas. For the last three years this activity has been in operation in Pokhara, and it now is an internationally recognized destination for free flight enthusiasts.


Best time to fly

Gliding is a weather dependent sport and the flying season in Nepal commences from November through February, the best month being November and December. The topography and climate of Nepal also make it an ideal destinations for all levels of pilots- subtropical conditions provide plenty of thermal and combined with the long valleys common in Nepal, they produce perfect “cloud streets’ ideal for paragliders, inviting them to fly along with ‘sky highway’. The local climate, controlled by numerous lakes in the Pokhara valley, is unique, which makes it even better for the gliders.


The best site for Paragliding

The main area for flying is in the Annapurna region, specially the Pokhara valley, situated at the foot of the Annapurna Himalaya.  There are several sites around Phewa Lake but the most accessible and Popular is Sarangkot. With the lake 700 m below, the mountains behind, and the unlimited potential and out and returns, Sarangkot has now become the most popular site for paragliding. We also find too many other sites around the valley but all need to be walked up. At 6000 ft, one just has to sit back with the qualified pilot who takes on an unforgettable journey. The national open paragliding championship is being held every year in January. This championship sees a gathering of international and domestic paragliders.