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Welcome to Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country with India in the southern, eastern, western sides and China in northern sides. Nepal has a great variation in languages (70 spoken), religions, ethnic groups (more than 61), geographic structures, occupation, culture and traditions. The country has many ever flowing rivers, thick tropical jungles, greatest mountain ranges and different climatic conditions. Owing ...

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Khaptad Area Treking

Far West Nepal is an especially exciting place for a naturalist and tourist to visit because of its great variety of rare and unusual plant and animal life.For a variety of reasons, this is where there is an esprecially rich mixture of jungle, foothills and high country fauna and flora. Khaptad National Park, located in Far west Nepal, is defined largely by the Khaptad Plateaue, standing at an elevation of about 3,000 metres.The Khaptad Plateaue is characterized by extensive grasslands surrounded by densely forested ridges. Out of the thirty-five different types of forest communities recognizied in Nepal, sixteen occur in this region. Rare species of medicinal plants and oaks like Quercus leucotricephala and Quercus floribund are found here. The rare bird called Black Chinned Yhina is known only in Khaptad National Park.Over 260 species of birds, common langur, Himalayan Black Beer, Musk Deer, Barking Deer, Yellow Throated Marten, Ghoral, Leopard, Wild Dog, Wild Boar and ocassionally a Snow leopard are reported in this park.

Khaptad is also an ancient centre for culture and religion.For the religious significance of Khaptad  was greatly enchanced when the Great scholar Khaptad Swami chose Khaptad for his meditation.We invite you to join us in a unique adventure, enjoyed by only a very few, exploring hidden treasure in the remote and serene place known as Khaptad in Far Western Nepal.

Available packages:

Khaptad Trek

       Nepal offers a wide variety of adventural  activities,  rock climbing in the north to in Nagarajun forest and Shivapuri National Park, the bung ......

Duration: 10 Days/9 Nights

Grade: Moderate

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