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Welcome to Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country with India in the southern, eastern, western sides and China in northern sides. Nepal has a great variation in languages (70 spoken), religions, ethnic groups (more than 61), geographic structures, occupation, culture and traditions. The country has many ever flowing rivers, thick tropical jungles, greatest mountain ranges and different climatic conditions. Owing ...

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Hotels and Resorts in Nepal

There had been the hotels with star grades from 5 to 1 in operation with the motto of service and hospitality for the tourists. "Athity Devo Bhava" a renowned proverbs in Nepal which signifies the meaning "guest are like god".

Here are some lists of  hotels in different places of Nepal.

Hotels in Kathmandu:

Restaurants in Kathmandu:

Hotels in Nagarkot:

Hotels in Pokhara:

Resorts in Chitwan: 

Hotels in Lumbini: