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Welcome to Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country with India in the southern, eastern, western sides and China in northern sides. Nepal has a great variation in languages (70 spoken), religions, ethnic groups (more than 61), geographic structures, occupation, culture and traditions. The country has many ever flowing rivers, thick tropical jungles, greatest mountain ranges and different climatic conditions. Owing ...

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1 Night 2 days Pharping Champadevi Hiking Via Dakshinkali

Located at 16 Km south of Kathmandu, linked with narrow and mountainous but black topped road where famous temples Shesh Narayan, Bajra Yogini, and Dakshinkali are there.
A few hundred metres beyond Shesh Narayan, PHARPING is unexpectedly large and lively for this distant corner of the valley. It's divided between an unattractive modern commercial strip along the road and the more villagey original centre, reached by a side road where the main road swerves left. Nepal's first hydroelectric plant was built just downhill from Pharping, in 1911, but the power generated all went to light Singha Durbar only ignoring locals in kerosene Tuki.

Phurping city is the Combination of 7 historical streets (toles) named as;
1. Kotal tole, Gopaleswor community
2. Kochhu tole (Jhamkeswori ancient Durbari Area : Haa Lachhi Central square), Bal

Kumari community. Kotghar is also located closeby at height.
3. Tipi tole, also called Maiko tole, Dakshinkali community
4. Thalkhu tole, also called Thado dhunga, Neel Barahi community
5. Yalkhu tole, also called Haatisar , Indrayani community
6. Tharpu tole, also called Naran Dabli, Shesh Narayan community
7. Korpu tole, Mahalaxmi community

Each tole has well constructed Stone sprout, a Stage (Dabali) for the presentation and Show purpose and open chatting place or dharmasala (pati). In the late evenings most of Patis are full of traditional Musical Programs ( Bhajans).

On the southern base of Dhinacho (Champadevi hill) where Shikhi Buddha meditated there to view Soyambhu when Kathmandu Valley was a big lake. Since Phurping is nestled on the lap of the hill-top, also called Shikharapur termed Shikar as top of the hill and Pur as town. Phurping is spreadout like ‘Fan’ (Cobra-breast like shape) so that it is called Fan-Pin-gu. In Newari it is called Phampi. Sometime during 1890 B S Phurping was housed of 60 thousand and Gopaleswor Shiva Temple was in the middle of city.

Gradually Stone sprout, Stage (Dabali) and Dharmasala (Paati) have been disappearing followed with the modern constructions going on in Phurping.

Cost Starting:(RS 3550 to RS 4550) per month


Drive to Dakshinkali Temple and back to Pharping village and starts for hiking upwards to Champadevi hill. It will take about ( 2/3 hours) to reach on top of Champadevi hill there are Buddhist Stupa and Temple. Passing through the forest and good view of Langtang, Gauri Shankar, Jugal, Dorge Lakpa Himalayas and Kathmandu city Over night stay in Lodge 0r Resort.
Cost will be your choice of service type From

Trip Facts:

Duration: One Nifht Two Days

Best Month: All months

Trip Grade: Normal

Number of PAX: 5-15


(cost includes transport, Breakfast lunch, dinner , Hotel , guide )


Personal Items, hard and Soft Drinks, Telephone Bills etcs